white monday

The day for circular economy that always occour the Monday before Black Friday.

In 2019 it will occour the 25th of november - save the date!

We share circular alternatives to the linear consumption that Black Friday provides.

"One mans trash is another mans treasure"

cool businesses

What do we mean with this?

Well, White Monday favours companies and organizations that offers sharing- and circular services. Thus, companies that makes it easy for you and me to repair, rent & reuse stuff.

Cool huh?


200+ companies, organizations & influencers from various countries create White Monday - together! See our buddies by scrolling down. Also, under the tab Influencers you'll find some creative heroes that inspire us all to a circular lifestyle!

Some of the companies

Travel company that only uses Second-hand trains.

App that help restaurants & cafés to sell leftover food. Available in Europe.

Swedens biggest marketplace.

Sharing service for electric scooters. Available in Europe.

E-commerce & service for selling second-hand.

Second-hand course literature.

Swedens biggest E-com for Second-hand.

Second-hand chain with over 60+ stores.

Rent out your stuff to your local community - online.

Rent your neighbours car and arrange co-ridings.

Some of the organisations

Accelerates Swedens transition to a circular economy.

Recieves, reuse and takes care of waste from both households & industries.

Organisation who is working for a decreased amount and re-use of waste.

Counteracts the destruction of the earth's natural habitats.

Swedens largest Nature conservation organization.

Some of the influencers


Syateljée Alexandra & Mias

Repair & alternate clothes

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

A makerspace for repairing, creating & sharing.

A design house that makes bags & accessories of recycled material.

Anniina Nurmi

Coach & consultat within sustainable fashion.




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