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50 dry, circular buddies in Västerås, Sweden 2018.

white monday

The day for circular economy that always occur the Monday before Black Friday.

In 2019 it's the 25th of november - save the date!

"One mans trash is another mans treasure"

cool businesses

Ehm, what? Well, White Monday favours organizations that offers sharing- & circular services. With other words, those who make it easy for you and me to repair, rent & reuse stuff.

Cool huh?


200+ companies, organizations & influencers from various countries create White Monday - together! See our buddies here, and under the tab Influencers you'll find creative heroes that inspire us all to a more circular lifestyle!


1. Share a picture on your social medias with the hashtag #whitemonday the 25th of november

2. Don’t do any marketing under the banner ”Black Friday”

3. Follow our FAQ

Circular economy?


"A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution,

keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems."

Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation